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4/21/2018 Saturday

Removed Coker tires that came with the trailer. They weren’t trailer tires. Basically, they were tires for a restored old car.  4 ply nylon with wide white walls.

It’s a matter of safety if you are going to tow a trailer to have proper ST tires.

I chose Goodyear Endurance tires. After contacting Riverside RV for appropriate size. The customer service said they are putting ST205/75R14 on the new trailers. The store manager at Goodyear (Bill Heft @#0545 Cuyahoga Falls) was very accommodating so I didn’t have to go to a commercial facility that normally handles trailers. Thank you Bill!

Also thanks to Maddie @ Goodyear for your advice and part in helping to select Goodyear Endurance tires.

These tires are built in U.S.A. Goodyear is in the top 4 largest tire companies in the world. This size tire has a 2040 lb weight rating. 2 tires on 1 – 3,500 axle exceeds the axle rating by over 500 pounds. No issue there!

Specifics  ( source: http://www.goodyear.com )

  • Speed rating                                 N (87 mph)
  • Load range                                   D
  • Load index                                   105 (2039 lbs)
  • Sidewall                                        Black
  • Inner lining                                  100% halobutyl rubber
  • Max Inflation Pressure              65 PSI
  • Approved rim                               5.0-6.5
  • Measured rim width                   5.5″
  • Tread depth                                 8/32
  • Retail                                             $108
  • Product code                               724864519


Notes on installation.

Lug nuts were torqued at 110 lbs.

Inflation is 32 lbs. (See label front left side of trailer for recommended tire inflation) In addition, these tires can handle inflation up to max of 65 pounds of pressure. Double the recommended inflation. Good to know if you are traveling during the summer. As tires heat up so does air pressure.

Because these tires have a smaller circumference I’ll have to adjust the hitch down lower to level the trailer and truck. See photo.

The new tires tacked much better than the original Coker tires and much safer.


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