RickGI always loved to travel and see places whenever I could. It didn’t matter which ocean, lake or mountain. When it comes to the ocean, I prefer the Atlantic over the Pacific. The shore line in Maine is beyond anywhere else I’ve been and saw. I’ve seen 2 out of the 5 Great Lakes, Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. I have seen the Appalachian Mountains, Catskills, Adirondacks and Rocky Mountains and backpacked in all of them.

States that I haven’t been in and want to see.


Places I have been that really sticks out in my memory that you may want to go some day, I know you won’t be disappointed:

The Maine coastline, the woods of North Central PA, the part of VA that extends under WV and above TN, the inlet at DuBois Park in FL, the sunsets over Lake Okeechobee from Port Mayaca, seeing the Rocky Mountains for the first time in CO driving toward Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, attending the outdoor amphitheater in OK watching the play Oklahoma, the painted desert in AZ, Bryce Canyon in UT, trout fishing in ID, last but not least everywhere I went in AK.

The climb on Mt Whitney (Sierra Nevada, CA) the 13th highest peak in the US and the highest in the lower 48 was incredible. In my travels I have seen the Gateway Arch in St Louis, the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, southern AZ desert, southern Utah canyons, panned for gold in the East Fork, the Southernmost Point Buoy in Key West, Climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty, been to the top of the Empire State Building and the top of the World Trade Center, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Plymouth Rock and Plantation and more.

And if that isn’t enough… wait till you see what I want to see next!!!

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YEAR 2020 Working on a media disk with the trip details, personal discussion videos of the road trip, costs and details on owning a travel trailer. How to camp for free and low cost camping. 

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