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01/15/2022 I added Coleman Lantern and Stoves to the menu.


Updated some new info on the Propane menu tab.

Chickens were added to the new home in March of 2021. Now they are old pros on laying eggs. If you never were around chickens. They are truly incredible, each having their own personality.

Here are a few pics:



July 2020… well I’ve been back for over a year from that awesome trip. Glad I stood it before all this mess going on right now. I heard it caused havoc with campgrounds closing and issues finding dump stations and water. I have to say, at least Idaho had a dump station in each town. The only problem was finding water. I couldn’t imagine boondocking for a week or two in the AZ desert and when coming into civ finding everything shut down etc. Must have been a real mess. I would love to hear your experiences. Send them in comments for all to read. Thanks. 

Got a late start to gardening this year but surely next year will be quite different. I am going to get an early start in the greenhouse. 

Updated February (no pics loaded yet)

Updated May FINAL blog

Added WINTERIZING your travel trailer with pics

Steps I’m taking to meet the plan

logging the time of things I’m doing and the fix it page.


Tues 06262018 — Updated the blog today with a few more items in equipment. And set up a couple pages including this one to help in keeping you up to date on what’s happening and where the blog updated info was input.

So the tasks for today is to better secure the spice racks to the cabinet doors. The original double stick tape is not holding due to heat and cooking area steam. I’m thinking to predrill for small screws through the back of cabinet. That will ensure that they won’t have a problem folding forward or falling. Let’s see how that goes.


The fix was successful. Pre drilled and size 4×3/4 inch screws through back of cabinet door.


Generator parts are in! Magnetic oil plug to replace OEM stock plug. The magnetic tip will keep small engine metal shavings from accumulating in the cylinder. Prolonging engine life. Probably not abad idea adding one in a riding lawn mower engine. And the engine meter. This is easier than keeping a journal on engine hours for maintenance. First maintenance will be at 10 hours then every 50 hours.

The actual set up and generating 10 hour test will be in September. I just wanted the fuel to sit in the generator for a minimal time. This will enable me to see what I can actually run and what I can’t. Mainly the airconditioner… it should run the microwave with no problem also the refrigerator and TV. Need to know this for boondocking. (Boondocking is camping without shore power or any other hookups. Like the desert.)

The only other appliances that need 120V to run is the Walmart electric coffee pot 700W and toaster 750W. Both cost $8.88 each. These were the smallest and least amount of wattage. The Yamaha EF2000iS INVERTER generator can run both at the same time.



Some more items on the checklist of things to do…

Roll up and measure the diameter of the outside 6×9 rug. Get a pvc tube to store the rug when traveling. This will keep bugs/ants/mud/sand etc from your storage area. Pvc tube and end caps. Thinking of mounting to truck cap for travel.

By end of August start living in travel mode to test for necessary equipment adjustments. The objective is to finalize full travel capability before October 1.

Wed 08082018

The heat and humidity has not been enjoyable in NE Ohio… I had to defrost the refrigerator and freezer. That was completed and it is working well. Keep in mind… make sure the white clip and sensor is always in place attached to the fin on the right side. This is your temperature control.

Have decided the first leg of the route will be Ohio to San Antonio TX to Roswell NM to AZ. The direct detail highway route will be entered shortly with all the planned stops along the way.

Looking for a lighter and more mobile grill than the one I planned on taking… which is a great grill but is heavy and takes time to cool down after use. (Lodge Sportsman Grill) Awesome grill similar to the hibachi grill. There is quite an assortment of table top grills. Any suggestions are welcome.
I’ve been doing a little research about critters in the desert… Yikes!!

Thu 08302018

I am resuming the preparation and enjoying the summer. 2 weeks ago I spent the week in NYC & Brooklyn. Great pizza and push cart dogs! The best city for food.

Last week it was an enjoyable stay with family in the PA Poconos. Checking the truck over changing oil, shooting range and boating on Lake Wallenpaupack.

Before I left, my tomatoes were having flower end rot. I put some vitamin D3 tablets and watered the plant… it worked! Tomatoes are fine and producing…

I received the ordered flag pole… so I can find the trailer when boondocking in the desert. Also received the 12 volt ceiling fan…

SUN 09162018

Short video below.

Flag pole received. Ceiling fan installed.

I upgraded the blog so I can add video now. Practicing with the GoPro 5 Sessions.

Tue 10162018

Finalizing getting ready for Monday! Kurt is joining me on the journey. Kurt is an old friend from the mountaineering days. We have done numerous winter trips to the Catskills and Adirondacks.

The place is a mess, the weather is cold. Down in the 30s last night. The plan today is getting the truck prepped and loaded. Replace the marker light…

Waiting for it to warm up so… This time is spent on doing some trip planning. Kentucky is our first state and we will head to Monmouth Caves National Park. Between Bowling Green and Elizabethtown.

Kurt. Tom. & Me

On the road October 22, 2018.

Returned 200 Days later on May 10, 2019.

A copy of my daily log is posted by month in the menu. Enjoy!


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