Road Trip Oct 2018

October 22 day 01


Mostly traveled today seeking a warmer climate. Ohio was a bit cold last week. Nothing visited. Checked the camper quite a bit before really getting to far… weighed the axles for weight distribution at a truck stop certified CAT scale.


Boondocked at the Shepherdsville KY Wal-Mart.

The roads traveled in KY were something to imagine. Not trailer friendly.  Quite a bit bouncy at times.

Fuel $72.77 — $72.77

Boondock walmart $0

October 23 day 02


Didn’t travel far today. Total of 125 miles for the day. But did 2 tours.

Jim Beam distillery. Good ole Kentucky bourbon! Toured the facility and tasted some right here where it’s made. Interesting history of the product goes way back… and Interesting fact.  The trees around the distillery look like the trunks and branches were painted black. I’ll give you a hint… it’s a mold/fungus from sugar. You need to look this up. 🤔


This was one stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.


If it wasn’t so cold yet… this would have been fun to tour all these places. But this is a future adventure. Lol

After that it was onto Mammoth Cave NP.


2 hours 2 miles 300 feet down.   Let me tell you, the humidity down there rivals Florida! The climb up the tower at the end… well let’s just say I need to exercise more.  LOL

The history of the cave was real interesting. I also didn’t know it was the longest known cave in the world with more than 400 miles explored. I captured graffiti from the 1800’s before the civil war.


Fuel $59.00  —  $131.77

Boondock Wal-Mart $0  —  $0

October 24 day 03


Nothing special today just traveling along on a. sunny day.

Roads weren’t the best. Highlight was going through 3 states KY, TN, AR.

Interesting… as I am updating this blog I thought it was a good place to stay.  They had a security car driving around the lot. Let us know where we could park. Two camera systems with blue lights for surveillance. And now I know why.  9:50 pm… someone riding around the parking lot by the RVs blasting music from their car…

I don’t recommend staying here for the evening. Forest City Wal-Mart.

Fuel $62.25. —  $194.02

Boondock Wal-Mart $0  —  $0

October 25  —  day 04


What as interesting day. Good food and great site seeing. Decided to get off the interstate and hit the back roads around Little Rock south side. Good decision. We only met polite and friendly people. I can say that for this leg of the trip for sure! The back roads traveled were in better condition than the interstate highways traveled. That made it even more enjoyable.

When you get to the Museum of the Arkansas Grand Prairie in Stuttgart, AR day hello to Gena and Jesse from Rick 195Camper.

Jesse Rick. Gena


Well sodbusters… I have to get working on my video pictures and get them on YouTube for you. Enjoy, and let’s see what tomorrow brings on this great trip in America.

October 26 — day 05


Staying at Treasure Isle RV Park, 205 Treasure Isle Rd, Hot Springs, AR. Because it’s aweekend we only qualified to use a GoodSam 10% discount. Interestingly the sales tax is 9.5%. Very high sales tax in AR. State sales tax rate is 6.25% + county + local…

The RV park is on Lake Hamilton… lots of boats. The lake is more like a wide river than a normal lake. The RV park is small. It says it has internet. But its not strong at all, I have to use phones 4G to keep it from locking up. It also has dish tv…a bit fuzzy on my tv. My favorite part was being by the lake and I wasn’t squeezed in. Site B6. End lot easy pull thru. 15407020820311945110510

Bathrooms and showers were very clean and also the washers and dryers. There is no camp store on location. There was a covered pool.

I would stay here again.

October 27 — day 06



A day of R&R! Reached 1000 miles. Summary of expenses completed. Boondocking saves a lot.

October 28 — day 07


Rollin Rollin Rollin… yes quite the traveling day. Sunny Hot day. Had the windows open, no jacket just a t-shirt. Fueled up twice today. This traveling section averaged approx 9.5 mpg.

Filled propane tank today. Wasn’t sure how much propane was being used by the refrigerator while traveling and boondocking. Details in the menu- propane.

October 29 — day 08


Started out in Italy, TX and ended in San Marcos, TX. Two sites to see.

Waco Mammoth National Park and the Texas Ranger Museun. Both in Waco and worth seeing. The roads in Texas are much better than the other states traveled so far. Even the back 2 lane roads are in great condition. They also have 75 mph zones… lots of prairie land and cattle on the route we took off the main highways. People are friendly and helpful when asked what’s to see or eat and how do we get there. You can tell they are very proud of their state and town. TEXAS! Everything is bigger in Texas. Even the gas station… Buc-ee’s was the largest by far I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

October 30 — day 09

Stayed at a awesome campground in New Braunfels, TX. The staff is first class. The campground is upgraded and clean. If you plan on going to go to San Antonio, this is the place to stay. Easy access on off Route 35. Exactly 30 miles to the Alamo. You definitely don’t want to take your RV into San Antonio. There id’s no place to park one. You would have to detach and drive a vehicle to see the Alamo and tour the river walk.

October 31 — day 10


Relaxing day on the adventure. Got a few things done and got a few things done. Nothing special today.

Last day of October log. Happy Halloween. Hitting the road tomorrow. Heading to Fort Stockton, TX. That’s about half way to Roswell from San Antonio.