Road Trip Nov 2018

November 1 — day 11

Traveled 333 miles today. Broke the 2000 mile mark! From Mantua, OH to Fort Stockton, TX. Total expenditures to date for fuel, camp and propane… $642.11 in 11 days. Plus food. Tomorrow heading northwest to Roswell, NM. I have to say. Texas seems extremely rural outside of the major cities. More so than any of the other states. Everyone we met is incredibly pleasant and helpful along with being so proud of their state. It truly is a wonderful state. If you visit Fort Stockton and see Kellie, you’ll be a lucky person. She is very knowledgeable about the forts history.

November 2 — day 12

Quite an interesting day. Left Fort Stockton, TX crossed another state border into NM. And another time zone… Mountain Time Zone now. Clear sky all day. It was in the 60s. Roads were horrible all the way until the New Mexico border then the roads were good. Took route 285 the whole way. Nothing but pickup trucks, semi tankers and some dump trucks. For over 100 miles. The area is booming for oil again. Looking forward to the balloon festival tomorrow morning. You definitely will see the transition to desert.  Then traveling north on route 285 to Roswell NM which is about 40 miles north of here. From Roswell the route will be very scenic on route 70 down to route 10 then west to AZ.

Time to add more videos on you tube… till tomorrow!


Gift from western  wear store in Artesia. Thanks!

November 3 — day 13




Today’s highlight was White Sands Nat’l Monument. 8 miles to the end of the loop into the park. Pure white gypsum sands. Dunes for miles. This is a don’t miss attraction. After a long day of travel decided to stay at a campground. Hacienda RV Resort seemed to have good ratings.  However we arrived an hour after they closed… close at 6 arrived at 7… selected a site and pulled through. However, no cable… no internet because no password… couldn’t use any facilities… paying high price and not able to enjoy what they may have to offer. Oh well…

Tomorrow will get an early start, see what there is here to see in Las Cruces then of to Benson, AZ.

November 4 — day 14



Made it to Benson, AZ! Did you know Benson has an Amtrak train and Greyhound bus stations. The little town museum was great. Such knowledgeable curators with a wealth of knowledge of the history of this little town. When they didn’t want the railroad to come through… it almost became just another ghost town. But the dynamite factory saved the day. Like a western movie. Warm days and chilly desert nights this time of year… elevation at the campground is 3,630 feet above sea level.

Here’s a summary art thus point….

Day 15


November 13 — day 23


So much to see!















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