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Update: This generator will run everything on the Retro 195 camper except the A/C. Tested it on the desert boondock.  Wed-Sun before Thanksgiving. See video.


YAMAHA EF2000iS Inverter. Generators generally provide 80% of stated power. In this case the 2000W generator full running capacity would really be 1600W.

The formula to convert or estimate is as follows: 

  • Watts / Volts = Amps.           Amps * Volts = Watts
  • Increased V lowers A draw with constant W
  • Decreased V increases A draw with constant W
  • Some electrical appliances in my camper are calculated as follows:
  •              All items calculated at 120V
  • Air conditioner  11.4A  1368W   [est startup  16A  1920W]
  • Refridgerator  2.7A  324W [also runs on propane]
  • Microwave  7.5A  900W
  • Coffee maker  5.8A  700W
  • Toaster  6.25A  750W
  • TV insignia 19″ LED .25A. 30W
  • Sony DVD player  .04A. 5W
  • All lighting is LED 12V

Generator maintenance, supplies and spare parts.

1532176917598512013573 SAE 10W-40 oil supply for oil changes per maintenance schedule.


UPDATE: 2/4/2019 — I am adding to the kit. Slot and Philips #2 screwdrivers, needle nose pliers.

The maintenance kit/ storage box. Contents shown below.


Engine meter to keep track of hours used for maintenance schedule 10hrs then every 50hrs. Better than a written log! Magnetic oil plug to catch any metal particles in the oil. This is important to keep them from accumulating and scratching cylinders. And 12V battery charge cables. This can be used to charge the trailer battery or the truck battery on the go… Shore power recharges the trailer battery. (I am not sure if driving will recharge the camper battery also.  I will update this info when I find out)


Spare parts. Air filter, 3 spark plugs, fuel intake screen filter.


Oil fill/extract extender, oil filter lube, extended oil fill funnel.

This is a great addition. A foldable oven for the stove… when cooking outside.

Corn bread, biscuits, bread… anything.  I baked this today and the oven held steady at 400! I’m sure you could use this on a propane stove also. Not sure if it would bake at a high temp like a white gas stove.  If anyone has tried this please comment on your experience.

The 12 volt 6 watt ceiling fan works great for moving air.


Mounted over bed between light and vent. Light weight too.

When it comes to purifying your water. This Berky water filtration is awesome. Pour your tap water in the top and no more running out of pure water.  No matter where the source is from…



TIP: A table place mat makes a great U.S. reference map.


If you seasonal camp, most places leave it to you to maintain your own lawn. The Sun Joe electric mower works great. I used it for 2 seasons now. It also has a bagger.



Angle Iron Fire pot supports.

Source: Mantua Hardware, Mantua, OH (Great service and good supply if you are in the area and need something. ) I used two 1″ angle irons to stretch across the standard campground fire pit to support a pan or coffee pot and a grill. It works great.  A 1.5″ PVC pipe with end caps will store it away and you won’t have to concerned about rust or carbon… allowing you to store them anywhere.



Thanks for the test hanger. Jenice said they also had a problem about keeping hangers hung up in the 2 closets on either side of the bed in the 195 Retro camper when traveling. She said these solved that problem.

Lynx Stay-Put Hanger
Price: $4.64 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

Best of all… MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Little Red Propane Fire Pit… On order!