Coleman gas lanterns and stoves

This is a fully restored Coleman 200A lantern that is 68 years old.
The bottom is dated 9/53.

I used my lantern and stove the whole trip 200 days. Every morning I set up my table, lit my stove and put the coffee on. Yes I had a stove in my trailer, but outside my kitchen window was a far as I can see left and right… the desert! In the distance was mountains. What a way to start the day with my Coleman stove. Coffee and the smell of bacon in my Lodge cast iron frying pan. Eggs or pancakes were on the menu!

It also made the end of the day sitting by the fire and having the lantern light up the camp. This is what I call living.

If you have questions about yours or need a repair/restoration let me know.

More to come on this!

UPDATE: Well the shop is expanding… 2 workstations. Lots more lanterns and stoves!


The restoration shop

A new addition is a low pressure gauge for testing the check valve, filler cap and valve assembly. This gauge is only 0-3 lbs. of pressure measurement. In addition to this pressure test there is an underwater bath leak test. All lanterns are fully tested for the reason of safety before being fueled up and running test.

Ownership of a fully 195camper restoration will include documentation: multi check inspection/test sheet showing it passed inspection and fully works. For a collector, a brass tag stamped with the month and year of manufacture. You won’t have to flip the lantern over to show the date…